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Fishing in Lake, Live Baits or Plastic Baits, Which One to Choose?

Lake fishing is an all-year round activity. With the diverse species of fishes that you can catch and the different fishing spots, many go to fish to relax, spend time with family and have a successful catch. But just before you finally go to fish in the lake, you need to have some basic information so you can be prepared with the things that you need and you know what to anticipate.


To get a good catch, you cannot just wait there the whole time waiting for the fish to come. You also need to use fishing baits and other techniques if you want to have a great catch. When it comes to freshwater fishing, there are two types of baits: the plastic and the natural bait. You can use any of these baits depending on the kind of fish you want to catch. Fishes respond well to different bait and the only way to lure the fish and get it into your hook is to have the trial and error method.




If you want to catch for carp, you can use boilies. You can either buy them in shops that sell local bait. The ingredients used to make boilies include soy flower, eggs, baby food, powdered milk and dry fish meal.


Bait Fish


When you are fishing for trout, one of the best options is to use bait fish. Like for instance, you can get minnows and use them as live bait. You may also have frozen whitebait. The cost would vary depending on whether it is frozen or fresh.


Plastic Worms


Using a plastic bait like plastic worms is very effective when fishing for bluegill or bass. But just before you use plastic worms, keep in mind that you use a 8 to 14 lb. test time and use a light slip sinker. Doing this allows you to have better movement of the bait. The cost ranges from $2 to $4 as it varies in shape and size.




Using earthworms is a cost effective way when it comes to finding a bait to use for fishing. In your yard, you can also search and look for earthworms. They are also available in bait shops and cost about $1 to $4. When using earthworms as your bait, practice using the bait before you finally go and fish. Some say that they are having difficulties using earthworms as their only bait to catch fish.


Power Bait


When fishing for trout, the best type of bait to use is the power bait. Just be sure that the spot where you are fishing are said to snap for such bait. You can actually try it first for you to see if a power bait is effective. If you do not get any hits, then it is best that you choose another option. You can either go for a live bait or go for a frozen white bait. Keep in mind that power bait is not that cheap so you need to find which one is the best option.


Knowing which type of bait to use when fishing is one of the factors that will determine whether you will get a good catch or not. Take the time to find the most suitable type of bait and try it for yourself.

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